Built Passionately By Strength Training Enthusiasts

The team at Strength Daily are seasoned strength training specialists who have been working in the industry since 2010.

It’s overwhelming and intimidating to sift through all the fitness advice on the internet.

Strength Daily was created to be a trusted go-to resource to help anyone who wants to improve their fitness through strength training.

We’ve designed this site to cut through the B.S. and give you the correct dose of information in a minimal amount of time. Whether you’re just beginning your strength training journey or are a seasoned pro, we’re here to help.

Who Is Strength Daily A Match For?

We believe some of what we’ve shared on this site will be hugely helpful to those working towards the same goal – building enjoyable and sustainable strength training habits.

Strength Daily might be right for you if…

  • You want to learn how to get stronger and stay strong
  • You want to develop sustainable workout habits that don’t feel like a chore
  • You want to be more active but have limited time between all of your priorities

Who We Are

What’s up! I’m Ant. I’ve been a part of the health and fitness industry since 2010.

After graduating from West Chester University with a BS in Exercise Science, I spent several years learning everything I could about the fitness industry. I’ve worked in every role imaginable, from training (individual & groups) to sales, marketing, and managing boutique fitness studios.

Over the years, I’ve successfully trained and educated 100s of people on sustainable ways to get stronger (and stay strong).

So, rest assured knowing before we recommend anything on Strength Daily, I make sure I’ve personally tried, tested, and/or researched each concept.

What We Believe

Our Mission is to empower busy people (just like you) by teaching sustainable & enjoyable approaches to strength training that help you get stronger and stay strong.


We want to create sustainable strength training habits that last a lifetime. No shortcuts or quick fixes.


We want to include everyone in strength training. Exercise is important for everyone.


We constantly invest in self-education so we can sharpen our axes.


We want to empower others so they can take control of their health & fitness.