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TRX Suspension Training: A Beginners Guide to Building Strength at Home

Have you been at your local gym wondering about those yellow straps that always seem to hang around (pun intended)?

Those straps are a part of a training system designed to be an all-purpose exercise system – TRX Training. 

TRX stands for total resistance exercise. 

Navy Seal Commander Randy Hetrick invented the system while he was deployed using only a Jui Jitsu belt and some parachute webbing. 

Before you invest in a set of TRX straps, you will want to read this post.

I will explain why TRX Training might be the perfect fit to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. 

In This Article

What Is TRX Suspension Training?

TRX provides one of the best well-rounded, total-body workouts involving multiple muscles, including your stabilizer muscles

This is for you if your goal is to move better, improve your performance, or lose weight and build muscle. 

The bodyweight suspension training system focuses on full-body strength, mobility, and functional movements. 

Also, it’s easy to pack up and take your TRX workouts on the go, wherever you go, whether that means working out in the gym, your living room, or even a hotel room.

Note from Ant: Stabilizing muscles is important for helping you be more efficient and powerful. Spreading out the exercise movements and stabilizing muscles helps reduce the chances your primary movers will be overworked

1. 100% Beginner Friendly For First Time Users 

Since TRX Suspension Training utilizes the individual’s body weight as resistance, this training is effective for every fitness level, including first-time users. 

Easy To Increase Or Decrease Exercise Difficulty 

It’s easy to make your exercises more difficult as you become stronger. Conversely, if you’re new to strength training and/or recovering from an injury, it’s easy to reduce the resistance of an exercise, thus making it easier to perform! 

Modifying exercises based on your current fitness level is usually just a matter of moving your foot placement.

When you do this, you are shifting the amount of your body weight that you are utilizing as resistance. 

In my other post, I explain this in more detail ––> The Complete Guide: Setting Up TRX for Home Workouts.

Less Likely to Injure Yourself

TRX straps are made from durable nylon material that is hard to break. Also, as long as you properly set up, anchor, and maintain your TRX System, it will last you for a solid time. 

There are no free weights involved with TRX Suspension Training which limits the amount of moving parts that could injure you if misused. 

Let me clarify– I’m a huge advocate for free weight training over most forms of strength training.

However, beginners need proper education and guidance to safely and effectively utilize free weights. 

So, TRX can be an easier entry into strength training for those who don’t have access to professional guidance and/or monetary funds to purchase free weight equipment. 

TRX Core Exercises for Beginners

When you first see TRX straps, they can seem a bit confusing to use and even challenging. That’s normal if you’re newer to strength training or have never used them. 

I recommend learning these 6 basic movements below, as they are a staple in most TRX workouts.

Mastering the exercises below will make it much easier when tackling those more advanced exercises down the road.

TRX Chest Press

trx chest press


traditional trx row exercise

TRX Plank

ant performing a trx body saw exercise

TRX Squat

trx squat exercise

TRX Rotation

trx oblique rotation exercise TRX Lunge

trx lunge exercise

2. Functional Strength Training Backed By Science 

During TRX workouts, you’ll be forced to engage your body in ways you probably haven’t before, specifically using those important stabilizing muscles.

Is TRX Suspension Training Effective? 

It utilizes muscles that most people don’t consciously train most of the time, especially your core and dynamic stabilizer muscles. 

A few of the positive benefits of this style of training include the following: 

  • The perfect tool for any level of fitness
  • Proven to be effective & backed by science
  • Low impact on joints, so reduced risk of injury
  • It forces you to engage your entire body

During my years as a Personal Trainer, I used TRX training for several clients, specifically athletes. 

The main reason I added TRX into so many of my training protocols was simple.

I wanted to help my clients improve their mobility, core stability, and overall body control. In most athletics, you need to have a strong development of those three factors to perform at your best. 

The National Center for Biotechnology Information published a study in 2017 that focused on testing the effect of suspension training on trunk (core muscles) power production in Sanda athletes (better known as Chinese kickboxing).

Their two test groups were divided into a suspension training group and a traditional training group. 

Ultimately, the study showed that suspension training improved the explosive power of their trunk muscles (think the ability to turn quickly and kick someone with a ton of power) and also improved the muscle’s strength.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding!

3. Easy Setup + Convenient to Use On The Go

The entire TRX system comprises two components you need to work out anywhere. 

  1. TRX Straps
  2. TRX Anchor System

Also, if you invest in an official TRX system, you’ll get a few bonuses, such as setup instructions, a starter manual, and a nice mesh travel bag. 

All you need to set up and complete a workout using this system is the TRX door anchor attachment and a solid doorway.  

Frequently Asked Questions About TRX Suspension Training

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you better determine if TRX Training is the right fit for you. 

Is TRX Suspension Training Safe for Me? 

Absolutely! You can modify any exercise if you have limited mobility due to old or current injuries. So you’ll get all the benefits of the exercise without the heavy impact on your joints!

Are TRX Exercises Good for You? 

They are 100% good for you if they are a part of a structured workout routine and performed correctly. You only need basic knowledge of a handful of exercises and can easily start doing TRX workouts safely.

Plus, if you aren’t sure how to move safely, you can always hire a trainer or head to good ‘ole YouTube university.

How Much Does a TRX Suspension Training System Cost? 

Luckily, several options are available, ranging from $120 to $250 for TRX Suspension Training systems.

The creators of TRX offer a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t love it. So there is essentially no risk.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right workout method for yourself can be challenging when so many options exist.

In part, that’s why I’m a huge advocate for TRX Suspension Training because it’s such a flexible style of functional strength training. 

It’s an effective means of building muscle while also working as a great supplement to other forms of exercise. 

To move forward, the question(s) you must ask yourself are…

  • Do I have the physical space to work out safely? 
  • Am I willing and able to invest the necessary funds to purchase a set of TRX Suspension Training straps?

Remember, I started this site to help you cut through the BS. 

So, if you are still unsure after asking yourself the aforementioned questions, shoot me an email, and I’d be glad to answer any questions and provide feedback as best I can. 

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