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Rogue Power Rack Review 2024: Is This The Best Home Gym?

If it’s your first time building your home gym, you have an enormous task ahead of you that can feel overwhelming.

There are many types of home gym equipment out there, and you have no time (or interest) in sifting through them all. 

You can stop stressing now. 

This Rogue Power Rack review breaks down the most relevant information so you can choose for yourself (even if you’re not a fitness expert). 

What is a Rogue Flat Foot Power Rack?

The Rogue Flat Foot Monster Lite Rack is a free-standing, self-stabilizing power rack made from 11-gauge steel beams and is ideal for home gyms. 

rogue power rack landscape

How Does The Rogue Flat Foot Power Rack Work?

The rogue power rack has an 11-gauge steel base that is self-stabilizing, allowing you to install this in almost all home gyms without drilling into your floors.

The setup of this flat foot rack is a combination of steel beams and ⅝’ steel bolts, making it a simplified build. 

rogue power rack steel thickness

Rogue Flat Foot Power Rack Features

The Rogue Power Rack has several notable features that deserve some extra attention. Check them out below to see what they can do for your home gym workouts. 

Pull-up Bar

The rogue power rack has a built-in pull-up bar that provides extra workout functionality to work on those pull-ups. Also, you can upgrade to a combination fat/skinny pull-up bar for an additional cost if that suits your needs better

rogue power rack features

Safety Spotter Pipes

The pin/pipe system is two pipes seated between the left/right columns.

These adjustable arms provide extra safety by acting as a spotting system, specifically while performing squat or bench press exercises

rogue safety pin pipes

J-Cup Barbell Holders

J-cups come standard with this rogue power rack and can be adjusted to suit your workout height.

Additionally, these barbell holders can be used on the inside or the front side of the power rack, which provides you with even more exercise versatility.

rogue j-cup close up

Additional Storage

You might not notice it at first, but the rogue power rack has many additional storage spots.

You’ll notice in the image below that you can mount equipment and storage attachments on all sides of this rack. 

Rogue Power Rack- Barbell Storage I

Pricing Options

You can purchase many variations and add-ons; however, here are a few standard starter setups for home gyms.

Base Rack (starting at $895)

This version of the rogue flat foot monster lite power rack comes with all of the features above & required materials for setup. 

Base Rack & Flat Bench (starting at $1,105)

This option provides you with everything the base rack option does, plus it includes a flat utility bench (for exercises like bench press).

Base Rack, Flat Bench & Barbell (starting at $1,340)

This option includes everything mentioned above; you also have your pick of several rogue Ohio barbells. 

Base Rack, Flat Bench, Barbell, and Weight Plates (starting at $1,885)

This would be an all-encompassing option that gives you everything noted above, including a choice between 230lb – 260 lbs of rogue weight plates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rogue Power Rack

After reviewing the Rogue Flat Foot Power Racks features, here are a few most commonly asked questions.

Do I Need to Anchor the Rogue Flat Foot Power Rack? 

Nope! Since this rack is self-stabilizing, it requires no mounting and no drilling.

However, if you’d like additional stability (and have the room/budget), you can always invest in a Rogue Power Rack Wall Mount Kit.

How Much Weight Can a Rogue Flat Foot Power Rack Hold? 

It will hold as much weight as you can safely load onto a barbell since it’s center balanced, self-stabilizing, and made from 11-gauge steel. 

Can I Bench Press With the Rogue Power Rack? 

Yes, absolutely.

Since the J-Cup barbell holders are easily adjustable, you can create almost any exercise setup you need (image below). 

bench press setup

Is the Rogue Flat Foot Power Rack Worth It?

So, you might be wondering, “Is this rogue power rack right for me?” Let’s review the pros & cons so you can determine that for yourself. 

What’s to Like

  • Multiple Exercise Use Cases: This power rack allows you to perform various essential compound exercises such as squats, pull-ups, bench presses, and rows.
  • Highly Durable: This home workout equipment is made from 11-gauge steel to stand the test of time. This power rack will do well in maintaining its lifetime value. 
  • Built-in Additional Space: There are multiple pre-drilled holes throughout the rogue power rack giving you room to grow. Whether you want to add extra workout attachments or rearrange your current setup, you can do so easily. 
  • No Mounting Required: Since the base of this rack is flat-footed, which means it’s self-stabilizing, you won’t have to drill into your precious floors.

What’s Not to Like

  • Moderate Upfront Cost: This version of rogues power racks isn’t precisely low cost if you are trying to create a budget-friendly home gym build. However, considering its price point vs. potential value, I’d say the value received vs. price point is justified.  
  • Multi-Person Build/Setup: I could build (on its side) and set up this rack independently with moderate difficulty. However, one caveat I ran into was after making the power rack, it became tough to stand it upright, considering its 90 inches in height. I recommend being safe and effective and using 2-3 people to help set it up. 
  • Moderate Space Requirement: Compared to some of its counterparts, this rogue power rack has a smaller footprint and can fit in most home gym spaces. However, it does require some space, so plan for a height of 9ft, width of 4ft, and depth of 4ft. Plus, add 1-2ft on each side for safe clearance of barbell exercises.   

Rogue Flat Foot Monster Lite Rack Alternatives

You can always check out other options if you aren’t sold on the Rogue Power Racks features.

Below are a few recommendations from other strength training professionals.  

Rogue Door Mount Fold Back Rack

Rogue Door Mount Fold Back Rack is a good alternative if you need a lower-cost & space-efficient rogue power rack. 

Rogue Half Rack

Rogue Half Rack is an alternative with the same sturdy build but with a smaller home gym footprint in height and depth.  

Final Thoughts

If you prefer working out from home, this Rogue Power Rack may be just what you need.

If you have moderate space to start your home gym build, this rack’s overall versatility makes it a great choice regardless of experience level. 

Hopefully, this review helped uncomplicate the process of building (or renovating) your home gym.

Good luck, and have fun! 

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