#012: One Tired Parent to Another: Sleep Tips for a Stronger, Happier You 💪😴

Have you ever felt like your brain was running on empty after a few nights of poor sleep?

Believe it or not, insufficient sleep can have the same impact on cognitive performance as being legally drunk!

Sleep is not just a luxury; it’s essential for maintaining peak cognitive performance and facilitating muscle growth.

Suppose you average just 4 hours of sleep over four to five days. In that scenario, you experience the same level of cognitive impairment as if you had stayed awake for 24 hours straight.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends that adults sleep at least 7 hours regularly, with most adults needing somewhere between 7-9 hours.

I can personally attest to the impact of sleep deprivation.

After my son, Nico, was born, those first three months were hellish.

Kait and I felt like drunk zombies for most of it due to our severe sleep deficit.

drunk zombie walking dead animated GIF

It’s no joke how profoundly sleep impacts your brain’s ability to perform even at a normal function.

Here are three practices that help me achieve better sleep:

  • Sunlight: Get 15 minutes of daylight when you wake up to reset your internal circadian clock, helping you feel more alert during the day and sleepy at night.
  • Caffeine: The half-life of caffeine is 5-6 hours, so if you’re hitting the hay at 10 pm, try cutting caffeine by noon. (caffeine interrupts your deep sleep cycles)
  • Temperature: Sleep in a cold room (around 60-67°F). This cues our brain to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up feeling rested.

Aiming for at least eight hours of sleep per night can help keep your alertness stable throughout the day.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep.

Prioritize rest and recovery, and unlock the full potential of your mind and body.

Catch some Z’s and make the most of every day!

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